Development work for customers

Beyond our expertise in developing measurement, transmission and ultrasonic testing components, we have a wealth of experience in electronic circuit technology and the development of circuit board layouts. For example, we use analogue/digital spice simulation, logic synthesis tools as well as microcontroller and DSP technology.

Example 1: Charge amplifier / charge voltage transformer

This 24-channel voltage transformer is designed for processing 24 piezoelectric sensor signals. The signals can originate, for example, from force or acceleration sensors.

Example 2: Microcontroller-operated multifunction card

This microcontroller-operated multifunction card fulfils various functions. Two sinusoidal signals are generated which can be adjusted to one another in frequency and phase. In addition, a quadruple carrier frequency and a microcontroller-operated gate function generate burst signals. Another oscillator generates digital triggering signals, e.g. for timed filters.

Example 3: System developments

For our customer orders, we are developing systems for measurement value collection, processing and transmission such as the measurement value collection and transmission system for Continental’s tyre-strength test bench.