A strong duo: PCM rotary transmitter + SIKO.

In order to optimally process the measurement values of the shapemeter rolls, a specialised electronic device with a high data processing speed and great processing power is required. This is why the SIKO (signal concentrator) is the perfect process addition for the PCM rotary transmitter. Based on the measurement values from the piezo and temperature sensors, the SIKO calculates complete flatness and temperature profiles.

Various filter, adjustment and compensation algorithms can be connected through software, making the system perfectly tailored to flatness measurement. Two selectable scan modes (time-controlled or roll-synchronised) ensure a perfect dynamic for the application while a sensor distribution plan enables simple configuration.

The SIKO not only receives and processes the respective data but also transmits the required control signals to the rotary transmitter. As an example, the maximum possible dynamics of the piezo signals can be achieved with range switching. The calculated data are output through an ethernet interface.

The standard SIKO is currently available in three versions depending on the PCM rotary transmitter used:

With 8 and 10 channels for a data rate of 8Mbit
With 12 channels for a data rate of 10Mbit
24 channels for a data rate of 20Mbit

An extended 24K-ADA version of the SIKO is available with 24 channels. It has a data rate of 20Mbit with four DA converter channels and four AD converter channels as well as a 0° and an overlap angle output.

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