Energy in, measurement data out: contact-free rotary transmission.

When processing metal tape, flatness measurement should be a fixed component of the production process. Rotary transmitters in various designs are used to transmit measured values to the process control. An important decision factor when selecting the ideal product is a long service life in order to minimise downtimes. As a result, slip ring and mercury rotary transmitters are no longer a top choice.

The PCM rotary transmitters from BFI Betriebstechnik use innovative technologies: Touchless inductive energy transmission and contact-free bidirectional optic signal transmission. The result: Absolutely reliable transmission of measurement values with incredibly long service lives. Conclusion: High level of reliability, long maintenance intervals, significant cost savings. The PCM rotary transmitter is perfectly tailored for use in flatness measurement thanks to the integrated charge amplifier for recording piezo force signals. All measurement values are digitised on a roll-synchronised basis and transmitted without quality losses. Up to 48 piezo channels and up to 48 PT1000 temperature sensors can be recorded with a sampling rate of max. 18 KHz. To perfectly measure all important band parameters.

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